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VERNON 1 gallon container

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2 1/2 year old 1 gallon container grown plant which can be purchased and planted year round. Size averages 18-30" well branched.

Vernon is an early season rabbiteye blueberry released in 2004. The variety has good yields and excellent plant vigor. Plants of Vernon flower relatively late (7 days after Climax in South Georgia), yet ripen early (at the same time, or before Climax and Premier). Berries of Vernon are large and have excellent firmness. Color and flavor are good, and dry scars contribute to good shelf life. Vernon is recommended where rabbiteye blueberries are grown successfully as an early ripening cultivar to replace Climax and/or Premier. The estimated chill requirement of the variety is 500 hours < 7 C (45 F). Vernon should be suitable for mechanical harvesting. The variety should be planted with other rabbiteye blueberries for cross pollination. Alapaha and Brightwell are recommended companion varieties. USPP 18,291.